As the year began, Uniswap was valued at a meagre $5 but with an upward spike, the cryptocurrency skyrocketed to as high as $34. At the time of writing, Uniswap was trading hands $30 apiece. Chainlink had a similar trajectory; however, it was valued at $13 in the start of the year. Chainlink went up to $35 and stands at a price level of $29 currently. Both the cryptocurrencies have potential and with a similar trajectory and price level, the question arises as to which crypto would cross the $100 mark first?

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Chainlink is ranked at 10th position in terms of market capitalization. In the 24-hour timeframe, the price of the cryptocurrency observed a decline of around 5% while the trading volume decreased by 7%. Furthermore, the market capitalization of the coin has also decreased by 7%. Uniswap stands at the 8th rank in the market. Similar to Chainlink, the price of Uniswap also declined by 5% while the daily trading volume went down by 22%.

The market sentiment for both the coins is bullish. For Chainlink the technical indicators are giving out a buy signal while the suggestion is that of a strong buy for Uniswap. Traders are suggesting long positions on both coins

Future projections

According to Digital Coin, both the cryptocurrencies are expected to follow a similar pattern. Per their estimates, Chainlink will be valued at $100 in 2026 while Uniswap will have a price level of $105 the same year. In 2028, the price level will climb up – $137 for Uniswap and $126 for Chainlink – after which it will fall drastically only to, once again, continue on an upward trend.

Per Wallet Investors projections, in one year’s time Uniswap will have a price level of $89 while Chainlink will be at $51. In the longer sense, after five years’ time Uniswap can have a price of $291 whereas Chainlink is expected to be at a priceof only $145.

Uniswap has a better ranking than Chainlink and with its involvement in Ethereum’s network, it is going to be heavily affected by any positive changes in the value of Ethereum – which are expected. Moreover, the future projections for the cryptocurrency are slightly more favourable than that of Chainlink. Hence, it is a possibility that Uniswap will cross $100 before Chainlink.

However, even though according to various estimates both cryptocurrencies will eventually cross $100, as the cryptocurrency market is notoriously known for its uncertainty, nothing is ever set in stone. The development teams of both the cryptocurrencies are working hard for improvements but as of current estimates $100 can be hit in around 4 to 5 years’ time and a lot can transpire in that time period.

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