Clever DeFi Investors Are Lighting It Up Large with CLVA for $1,000,000+
Clever DeFi Investors Are Lighting It Up Large with CLVA for $1,000,000+

With the ever-increasing hype surrounding the world of cryptocurrency, it is no wonder that the industry has amassed a market cap of over a Trillion dollars. Various facets of digital currency attracted genius minds to develop different projects. Not all of them were successful or remembered. However, Bryan Legend seems determined to launch the very-first successful decentralized finance system called CLEVER DEFI.


Intending to break free from the conventional norms of storing money, CLEVER DEFI is the product of Bryan Legend’s ingenious mind. It is a decentralized finance platform that offers the token holders a way to build interest using a very unique smart protocol.

The mechanism involves the distribution of the payment of interest automatically to all the token holders of CLVA. If you are wondering what CLVA is, it is the platform’s very own token.

A pre-programmed cycling schedule of up to 11% compound interest is paid every fortnight. The cycling set is affixed more than 888 times, which estimates taking 34.15 years precisely to complete.

The unique architectural structure of CLEVER draws attention. It is immutable, which means that there is no way to change or modify the distribution of interest.

The compound interest percentage that you will get from the first five years is beyond imaginable. In the first and second year, you get 307% and 445% respectively. However, in the third and fourth year, it increases to 501% and 562%, respectively. Finally, in the fifth year, it reaches 600%. Moreover, it promises to give you a whopping 806% in the tenth year.

There will be various platforms where you will be able to trade CLVA shortly. These include Hotbit and CoinsBit with UniSwap being the first..

How is CLEVER DEFI different from others?

Several factors distinctly distinguish CLEVER DEFI from other DEFI projects.

Firstly, there are no conditions whatsoever in holding the CLVA token. You do not have to agree to any staking period, contract, or terms here.

Secondly, there are no penalties in case you want to sell or purchase CLVA. Moreover, you can do it anytime you want.

Thirdly, the CLEVER DEFI team does not own any supply of CLVA tokens. Without the prospect of pre-minting tokens, the team is only rewarded with a fractional  fee of 0.1% each cycle.

Minting phase of CLEVER DEFI

Recently, CLEVER DEFI launched a 30-day long minting phase. It started from the 1st of February, 2021, and lasted till the 2nd of March, 2021. During the minting phase, potential investors opted for minting CLVA tokens. The range of prices went from 0.0020ETH on day 1 to 0.0024ETH on day 30. Minting CLVA tokens worth more than $400,000 on the very first day was incredibly impressive.

Now, Clever DeFi boasts that 726 ETH was used to mint CLVA token holders in total now that the minting phase is finalized. The total USD value crossed over 1 million dollars by retail investors. It has made the project highly successful within the first month of the only-ever minting phase.

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