WASHINGTON, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is proud to announce the release of the Digital Reserve platform on March 3rd, 2021. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Digital Reserve will exclusively allow DRC holders to get instant and secure exposure to the well-balanced portfolios of the most efficient store of value (SoV) assets based on their risk tolerance and financial goals. Rebalancing will also occur regularly to minimize risk and maximize potential during times of market volatility.

How the Digital Reserve Works

Users can deposit their DRC tokens into the Digital Reserve and have the option between two portfolios to start: Capital Appreciation and Capital Preservation. The Capital Appreciation vault allows DRC holders to expose their portfolio to a mix of Bitcoin (40%), Gold (40%), and Ethereum (20%). The Capital Preservation vault exposes holders to USD (90%), Gold (5%), and Bitcoin (5%). Additional portfolios will be added in the future through a community vote.

Once a user deposits DRC, they receive a proof-of-deposit token which represents their holdings in the Digital Reserve. Users can see the current balance of their deposit in USD terms and track the deposit performance in the personal account. They can instantly withdraw either the whole balance or a part of their deposit at any time. This simple and safe solution will allow DRC holders to preserve their asset value without selling their DRC.

Why use the Digital Reserve?

The Digital Reserve is designed as a relatively conservative and stable capital preservation option for those who hold DRC tokens, which can be bought on the Uniswap exchange 24/7. DRC holders can either hold DRC in their wallet and let the market dictate its price or deposit it into the Digital Reserve and have a wider exposure to a set of traditional SoV assets expected to appreciate over time at a slower rate. If the market experiences a downturn, a user can deposit DRC into the Digital Reserve and hedge the overall market conditions.

The Digital Reserve smart contract has been audited by a reputable blockchain development firm with no critical or serious issues found. More information can be found here. The Digital Reserve is a safe option for users looking to diversify their portfolio with traditional and digital SoV assets.

By allowing DRC holders easy exposure to a range of store of value assets, users can hedge against inflation and preserve the value of their holdings quickly, safely, and efficiently.

What is Digital Reserve Currency?

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is designed as a potential digital store of value with a limited supply and zero inflation rate. 100% of the total DRC token supply has been issued directly to the secondary market on the Uniswap exchange. The DRC ecosystem is assisted by the DRC Foundation, a decentralized governance structure with a team of five elected community members chosen each quarter.

With no token sale and no central authority, DRC has a fully decentralized model. Digital Reserve Currency was developed by Maxim Nurov, founder of Digital Finance, a Washington D.C. financial company that specializes exclusively in the digital assets market. DRC token is the exclusive key to access the Digital Reserve platform, which is going live on March 3, 2021.

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