ANTWERP, BELGIUM / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2021 / Infinity Yield will be hosting the public presale via Official Website. 20% of total supply (50,000 tokens) will be sold at 0.01 ETH/IFY token the first 3 days of the sale, and 0.0125 the last 3 days. The presale will run from February 23 at 19:00 UTC to March 1 at 19:00 UTC.

Market Manipulation screws over everybody. The aftermath results in major price dips, panic selling, significant selloffs, and sometimes even the downfall of an ERC-20 token. When most emerging cryptos have no way to combat this, what one can do to ensure the investment is safe? The answer is the Weak Hand Tax.

The Weak Hand Tax is a mechanism that takes a scaling fee from all transactions on the Infinity Yield network (aside from buying IFY) meant to deter large price swings from market manipulation as well as to fund a self sufficient staking pool. 90% of fees taken are sent directly to Staking and Yield Farming pools and the other 10% of the tax is used for token buybacks.

Infinity Yield utilizes the weak hand tax to offer a new Approach to Staking. Through it, there truly can be a self sufficient pool – unlike many projects who die out whenever the pool does. After staking the tokens with IFY, a contract is made to keep them in a vault for a certain period of time. When this contract is done, one can claim the staking reward at impressive rates:

– 1 Week – 5% ROI

– 1 Month – 25% ROI

– 3 Months – 100% ROI

– 6 Months – 245% ROI

The Infinity Yield Staking pool will be launched at the same time as the Uniswap listing on March 1 at 19:00 UTC.

After the sale ends, there will be a Uniswap listing of IFY along with 50% of raised funds (from presale) used as liquidity. There is currently a way to join the IFY Whitelist to make sure to get a spot in the presale (incase it fills too quickly). The following link contains the steps to qualify for the Whitelist.

The Infinity Yield Uniswap Listing begins on March 1 at 19:00 UTC. 10% of total supply will be listed along with 50% of raised presale funds as liquidity. At the same time as the Uniswap listing, the staking platform at will become available for use.

Metrics and Tokenomics

Infinity Yield is a deflationary token, meaning that there is no minting; no new coins will ever be created. A limited supply of tokens will result in increasing value as demand increases. The total supply of IFY tokens is 250,000, but not all tokens will be released at once. The initial distribution of tokens goes as follows:

– 20% sold in presale (Feb 23 – Mar 1)

– 10% listed on Uniswap (Launches Mar 1)

– 70% allotted to staking and yield farming pools

This means that upon the Uniswap listing, there will be 30% (75,000) of total supply in circulation. As time goes on, and more people stake or yield farm, the circulating supply will increase; however some supply will go back into the staking pool via the weak hand tax.

Infinity Yield Contract Address: 0xf19b0aa2c998b3ea6c2bac30607d5e8e04106ee7

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