PAPHOS, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2021 / The exponential growth of the digital finance and crypto industry, is attracting millions of people to participate in this exciting opportunities of investments in new technologies. People are looking at digital assets to hedge their risks and create wealth in these uncertain times. Here comes, the world’s most advanced social trading platform enabling a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders.

Enabling easy entry into Crypto Trading

Tycoon connects all kinds of traders through a powerful API on the Binance exchange, the world’s largest and most reputed digital assets management platform.

Novice traders can simply follow professional traders and “copy” their trades. When the pro trader makes a profit, so do the novice traders following him or her. The pro trader earns reputation and attracts more followers and the followers earn while they learn the ropes of successful trading.

Copy trading on Tycoon means actually copying professional traders that trade “real” cryptocurrencies on a “real” exchange. Instead, nowadays copy trading is mostly offered by CFDs Brokers, which means that traders are not trading “real” assets but rather financial derivatives and most of these brokers profit from trader’s losses without being clear and honest about it. These brokers also hold the traders’ funds at their discretion and determine the pricing on the assets they offer for trading.

What makes Tycoon special?

Tycoon solves the problem of any newcomer – the inability to understand the finer points of crypto trading and the fear of making losses – by providing an intuitive interface to follow professional traders and copy their exact trades and making amazing profits. Trading could not be any simpler and safe with these amazing features:

  • Keep control: Customers hold total control over their trades. Traders connect using an API key which can grant specific permissions to the platform, for example: read, execute, etc. Traders decide which permissions they give (according to their intentions, being a trader or a follower). Withdrawal permissions are not required, and only the owner can withdraw from their exchange account.
  • Keep safe: All funds are traders’ own exchange account. Tycoon platform doesn’t hold traders’ funds. Tycoon acts as a connector between followers, traders and the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Keep fair: Tycoon Platform doesn’t make money if traders don’t profit. The Tycoon platform has a profit share-based business model and has the customer’s best interest at heart.

The platform is designed to help people find the right strategy to follow – by simply copying the trades of professional traders!

TYC tokens

TYC tokens are used be used as means of transaction, for paying platform fees. It is still possibile to buy TYC at the crowdsale for only $0.10, before the upcoming crypto-exchange tier1 listing in Q2 2021. Token holders will receive early access to the platform and its exciting copy trading functionality.

TYC token has a real use case, unlike most utility tokens. The interest in this token is unprecedented and this is probably the last chance to get a good piece of the pie at the most convenient price, before the token is listed.


The Tycoon platform is a result of a 3 years intensive development process carried on by a powerful team that embraces experts in the blockchain, IT and financial field.

Tycoon’s vision is to provide countless benefits and safe transactions for users, facilitating full control over assets. It recognizes the need to eliminate market manipulations by prominent players to offer you vast rewards from crypto trading.

The Tycoon crowdsale ends on March 31st 2021 and it has been attracting thousands of investors already.

No one should miss this chance to enter into the booming crypto trading world.


Company: Tycoon Ltd

Address: 13 Tepelenoiou st. 8010 Paphos, Cyprus

Email: [email protected]


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