Atypical Saturday that the crypto world has gotten us used to lately, especially Bitcoin. Well, it just goes up.

At least on Saturdays so far this year, setting all-time highs. But not today.

Since last Sunday when it was trading at $ 42K, it fell sharply, also the same modus operandis as every beginning of the week, to $ 34,500 of BTC … and neither yesterday nor today has it been able, as it also used to happen -when a rise appeared-, get the price of Bitcoin closer to the value of almost 1 week ago. Although on Thursday it touched $ 40K, it seemed that everything was going to go as expected: as we said, we were getting used to it.

At this time (8:00 p.m. Spanish), of writing this report, the cryptocurrency par excellence is trading for $ 36,900.

Here are our indicators, as well as those of other analysts, for the probable future prediction of the trend of the most prominent cryptocurrencies …

Bitcoin forecast

Advance charts valid for Bitcoin and other currencies that maintain a high correlation with this mother cryptocurrency …

A- Medium Term (Weekly)

Medium-term Bitcoin trend

He was damaged from the fall at the beginning of the week, he tries to recover, but he shows us a Lateral … and with an ugly, although slight -for now-, pitch down: see upper right side of the graph.

We are bullish as long as the above brown line lasts and that it does not give way or make a threat of heading … if so, if there is any significant change, the one who subscribes here usually leaves updates on this indicator on his Twitter … and will inform about it.

B- Long Term

Long-term Bitcoin trend

It is disappearing, and in 1 week, the excellent Bullish drawing that showed us the trend for the Long Term. Now in indicates us Lateral-Bullish and half finishing the bullish thing.

Less likely to vary than the previous graph / indicator. But this time it has undergone a significant change.

Other forecasts

In the Swiss market, the current positions open by large investors are as follows …

Watch out for this: to have a bullish continuity it should be above 60%. All that we have been in this week has been between 52% and 55% … and today only 1 point above the weekly maximum: and only 1 point more than last Saturday and we already know what happened, the raise was turned when expected above $ 42K in Bitcoin price.

Note: We must bear in mind that for there to be a permanent downward turn or serious debacle type: the green bar would have to be close to 25%.

Also, leading analysts, believe and maintain that the lowest price for Bitcoin for the future will be (at least) in the 34,626 USD.

And the highest price predicted by the same experts? It would be up to 48,909 USD … in both cases, both above and below the price projection lower.

Unlimited targets continue to be posted for Bitcoin. We remain cautious and prefer to refer to the previous two paragraphs. Let’s go little by little.

For Trading we take into account the following fees as supports and resistances:

(R3): 44,068(R2): 41,823(R1): 39,323

Pivot Point: 37,078

(S1): 34,578(S2): 32,333(S3): 29,834

And now a look at the always-often “Fear” indicator:

Almost the same since Thursday: no increase in confidence among participants in Bitcoin.

Let’s review other Cryptocurrencies and what other leading analysts predict about them:

Ethereum (ETHUSD)

The new resurgence of this cryptocurrency has been somewhat stranded.

Its price at this time for $ 1,222.

They pretty much go with their prediction and likeness. They expect, according to their image, a slight continuity of rise for later correction and continue shopping.

For Trading they suggest:

(R3): 1,401(R2): 1,325(R1): 1,248

Pivot Point 1,172

(S1): 1,096(S2): 1,020(S3): 943

Range forecast

For the lowest price they predict: 1,110 USDY the highest price: 1,726 USD

Binance (BNBUSD)

Its price at this time is at 42.45.

Their prediction was disproportionate to them compared to the little drawn by the real price, but the intention and the success are guessed.

Now they expect a little more hikes and a correction … and, later, recover the rise.

For Trading they suggest the following values ​​to take into account:

(R3): 45.75(R2): 44.07(R1): 42.49

Pivot Point: 40.81

(S1): 39.24(S2): 37.56(S3): 35.98

Range forecast

For the lowest price they predict: 40.93 USDY the highest price: 50.95 USD

Our guest cryptocurrency this week is Polkadot (DOTUSD): This crypto is very in vogue lately, let’s see what leading experts say:

Its price at the moment of writing this report is for $ 17.49.

Totally hit, recently, in the prediction graph of the gentlemen of And they expect a correction in the making … before continuing, in a few days, with more purchases.

For Trading they suggest:

(R3): 17.19(R2): 15.98(R1): 14.59

Pivot Point: 13.38

(S1): 11.99(S2): 10.78(S3): 9.39

Range forecast

For the lowest price they predict: 14.05 USDY the highest price: 21.97 USD


Having shown different angles on the vision of some of the most important cryptocurrencies, we can say that there is a recent correction that does not go back and that it is coupled with a probable correction shortly.

Little positive to highlight in this article, at least clearly.

The Infallible Indicator closed on Friday (does not update on weekends) at 33.10%, very high … being very bad for Bitcoin. Although this does not mean that on a Saturday he does what he wants and is taken into account, the Infallible, from Sunday.

Perhaps since the US stock market is closed on Monday, it could wake up the price of cryptocurrencies in the next few hours … but Futures will be quoted and, therefore, it should be a braking for any rise in Bitcoin and correlated. Almost no hint of faith on this side … although we would like to convince ourselves.

Also to say that the BTC market capitalization has turned slightly green in the last hours … it should have been since yesterday and according to what was lost days ago while the price fell, and it has not been like that: it has not been equalized at this time to finish this report and that Bitcoin has yielded about 600 points since we started writing it.

Extreme caution, and our best wishes for your Trading and / or investments.

The author reserves the right to reveal what graphic and indicator material he uses. Just note that Moving Averages are used: although it may not be based on the Bitcoin instrument, although it does serve to predict its trend.

You can follow automated analysis (Real Time) of cryptocurrencies here.

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