NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trading the financial markets can be quite challenging for a beginner. Without proper knowledge and guidance, traders often blow up their accounts in a matter of days. However, this is where coaching and mentoring can help a trader shorten their learning curve and learn the art of trading. The Day Trade Professor is one such financial mentor, coach, and professional trader who offers a Virtual Seminar that covers everything a trader needs in order to succeed. 

The Day Trade Professor’s Virtual Seminar 

The Day Trade Professor offers a Virtual Seminar that is a program conducted over 4 days. It has over 20 hours of content that covers everything related to trading the stock market, crypto, forex, and options. It covers beginner level such as setting up brokerage, stock charting software, finding the best tickers, then intermediate level trader, which covers indicators such as RSI, MACD, EMA’S and then the professional level trader which covers trend trading, market cycles, and shorting.

Additionally, The Professor also has a free course that breaks it all down and a free trading journal that helps traders. The Day Trade Professor also goes live on Instagram at 8 pm and 9 pm EST and teaches mindset and technical analysis. The professor also has a book club starting in September that will run through zoom. If a trader genuinely wants to learn and become successful in the markets, then The Professor offers everything that they need for free. From coaching to live analysis to in-depth courses, everything is covered by The Professor. 

The Virtual seminar is an in depth dive into technical analysis, where members have The Professors full attention and he answers to all of their questions. This seminar is designed mainly for those who need guidance in a small virtual classroom environment. However, if one cannot afford the virtual seminar currently, they can learn from The Professors live shows on Instagram and his free course.

According to The professor, success is seeing others that learn from him become consistent in the stock, crypto, options, and forex market. His student’s success is his success. His motivation comes from wanting to build his own trading school in Puerto Rico and then becoming a philanthropist; feeding, clothing, and finding jobs for homeless people. The Professor has been teaching for 8 years and he knows how to break down complicated concepts in the market and simplify it so that anyone can trade it easily. 


For people who truly want to become consistent and successful traders and want to achieve another stream of income, The Professor’s content can help them understand and learn how to become professional traders.

According to The Professor’s students “Professor breaks down stock charts into the simplest ways, after years of not understanding the market, it finally clicked. I was able to leave my 9-5 job and become a full-time trader, it all started from Professor’s free videos, then I did a one 1 one with him and then after his seminar, I got all the tools to become a successful trader. Seeing the Professor teach stocks Tuesdays and Fridays, gives me the motivation I need to keep learning through the bull or bear markets” 

The Day Trade Professor is dedicated to helping traders around the world understand and master the art of trading. Check out The Professor’s Website HERE

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