NICOSIA, Cyprus, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — There are more countries out there that can go as tax heavens, as well as specific requirements for each of them, whether it comes to opening a bank account or actually establishing a business.

Tracing its history back to 2009, the OffShoreCorpTalk forum has become the fastest growing community over the Internet for offshore specialists, banking experts, entrepreneurs and newbies sharing ideas, tips and opinions on the hottest topics in the industry.

The OffShoreCorpTalk forum has recently become the world’s largest platform for offshore guidance, tips and tricks. It has drawn attention from top experts in the industry of banking and offshore corporations, as well as cryptocurrency professionals.

The forum is publicly available. As a result of its growth over the past year, the management has also implemented a private section for mentorship and professional advice regarding the establishment and growth of offshore companies – as well as step by step guides on how to reach success.

Over the last month, the OffShoreCorpTalk forum has reached its 27,000th thread. On the same note, the forum is now up to 140,000 posts and the number keeps going up, outweighing names like OffShoreOnly or OffShoreAlert.

In terms of accounts and active users, the forum brings access to an impressive community that grew from 2,000 members at the beginning of 2020 to over 13,000 active users in December – counting 12,000 unique visitors on a daily basis.

As a direct response to the increasing demand for offshore information and guidance, the forum management has expanded the forum, which now includes sections on EMI accounts, tax issues, legal guidance and ways to bypass restrictions from various platforms.

Much of the attention is focused on the offshore company discussions, which boost more than 38,000 posts and cover aspects related to jurisdictions, entity registration, positives and negatives about going abroad. Apart from guides, visitors will also have the opportunity to start discussions and seek advice from established professionals free of charge.

According to the OffShoreCorpTalk management, “we have tried to come up with an open forum for everyone who wants to go offshore – whether for business purposes or to reduce their tax. One thing led to another and we now run one of the largest communities on the web for offshore professionals and newbies altogether.”


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