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At the end of December OKEx launched the OKExChain mainnet, its PoS blockchain, and its native OKT token.

OKEx users who want to participate in ETH staking will enjoy multiple benefits.

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“… Leadership. Honesty. Work. Returns. Options. Opportunity…”

This article is going to be divided into four very different parts. We are going to introduce you first of all what is OKEx. Second, what the OKB and OK tokens mean for the “crypto” ecosystem. In the penultimate place the characteristics and attractiveness of participating by staking or as a “crypto” miner and finally, we will talk about OKEx P2P.

Welcome to the digitized world based on Blockchain technology. Let us begin.

1- What is OKEx?

OKEx is a leading Exchange worldwide with a long history behind it. But this definition falls short, when we talk about OKEx. They have made a quantitative and qualitative leap in the options and possibilities they offer to their users. They have achieved a true range of virtual services based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, which clearly goes beyond the primary nature of the simple concept of what an Exchange is.

One of its strengths is leadership in the world of derivatives / futures trading. His journey began in the last quarter of 2020 assuming the captaincy in terms of trading volume, Bitcoin futures, 24-hour Bitcoin futures, open interest of Bitcoin futures and Bitcoin futures with respect to aggregate daily volumes, according to the data provided by OKEx. In fact, it ran “… as the world’s largest crypto derivatives exchange …” according to CoinDesk (CoinDesk is a news website specializing in bitcoin and digital currencies. The site was founded by Shakil Khan and was later acquired by Digital Currency. Group).

We leave you a graph of the statistical data source Skew:

OKEx Leadership in the Open Interest of Futures. Source: Skew

“We are delighted that our efforts to continually improve the business experience and flexibility of the products we offer are paying off. It is extremely gratifying to see OKEx ranking number one among all crypto derivatives exchanges, and we will do our best to ensure that we retain that title. “

Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx.

The operators in OKEx They can also experiment with trading futures on a broader range of cryptocurrencies than other leading competitors with their perpetual exchange product, including popular high-growth DeFi tokens like Chainlink (LINK) and (YFI), and emerging projects like Polkadot. (DOT) and Algorand (ALGO).

In fact, one of the greatest exponents of OKEx is that it works with a first quality service and security to provide an unquestionable and convenient service of Fiat money (Fiat money is the legal tender issued by the Central Bank of any country, the national currency). To achieve this, it has partnered with one of the leaders in the sector: Paxful & Latmax, a leading peer-to-peer financial platform for trading cryptocurrencies, named after the Latin word “peace.” It was created with one goal in mind: to make bitcoin easier for everyone from businesses to merchants.

OKEx It has conquered most of the Asian markets, but it is not a conformist company. Currently, it has established a priority objective, the Latin American and Spanish market. For this, it has carried out numerous strategic hires within its business organization chart. These additions are defining and manufacturing very powerful strategies with great rewards for future traders and holders who sign up on their platform. Currently, it is difficult to find promotions that come close to the level of prizes offered by the leading platform for the sale of cryptocurrencies.

2. OKB and OKT tokens

Both are tokens that belong to the ecosystem OKEx. Here we are going to analyze them from two very different points of view. We will give a definition of OKB, explain its latest achievements and do a technical analysis. From OKT we are going to conceptualize it and explain its launch on the main network, Mainnet.

OKB Token:

It is a cryptocurrency token which operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. … Currently, OKB has a supply of 300,000,000 and 60,000,000 in circulation.

OKEx has joined forces with decentralized crypto payment service provider NOWpayments. The association enables OKB token holders to make quick and easy payments online using their OKB. From December 15, 2020, users will be able to exchange their OKB for goods and services from any of the online merchants associated with NOWPayments.

Let’s see a technical analysis based on EMAs, Volume and Fibonacci of the OKB token on daily candles and logarithmic scale. OKB in terms of ROI (return on investment) far exceeds most tokens with similar characteristics. And its growth and ceiling cannot be calculated because it has a long way to go.

If we read the comments of the OKB / USDT chart below, we can see that, due to mathematical probabilities and structure of the chart, OKB’s chances of starting a bullish leg are very high. The volume is leaving us a signal that at these prices there is buying interest.

Market price movement of the OKB / USDT pair

NOTE: They are not investment advice. Trading or investing carries a great risk of loss. Each user must reflect for himself before executing any order. They are mathematical probabilities. OKEx is not responsible for a user investing in OKB based on this possible technical price analysis.

OKT Token:

This token is just launched and it is a very promising project.

December 29, 2020 OKEx announces the OKExChain Mainnet launch and how to earn or get your native OKT token. Unlike other Blockchains, OKEx I wanted to embody the main qualities of an open and decentralized Blockchain in OKExChain. After more than 10 versions of interactive updates on the testnet and extensive development in the last three years, this vision has materialized.

The first stage was Genesis, from December 31, 2020 to January 14, 2021. Then it will move to the second stage, which will involve continuous stability tests of the Mainnet to ensure its security and reliability. In the third stage, after the validator proposal-voting process, the transaction function will be enabled and users will be able to withdraw their OKT from OKEx to OKExChain. During the fourth and final phase, the smart contract virtual machine will be enabled, and OKExChain will be compatible with all projects on Ethereum. At this time, the Mainnet will be officially launched.

Since its initial launch on the testnet (Testnet), OKExChain has seen significant improvements, including committing to the development of open source smart contracts, EVM, realization of the OKExChain liquidity mining farm module, interactions to reduce trading fees and partnerships with promising development projects like Waves, Achain, and DoraHacks. OKExChain has also expanded its ecosystem of decentralized applications through continuous development and a highly successful hackthon.

Coin OKT through OKEx Jumpstart: Token minting of OKExChain’s native token, OKT, began at 4:00 pm UTC on December 31, 2020, and ended at 4:00 pm UTC on January 14, 2021, with an initial issuance of 10 millions. Since OKB holders have played an important role in the development and governance of OKExChain, OKT was issued proportionally to OKB holders via OKEx Jumpstart. OKB holders can claim OKT in exchange and participation; and are not accepted at any time to maximize capital flexibility.

For more information on the rules and for a detailed tutorial on the staking process, please visit:

3. Characteristics and attractiveness of staking:

The profits from staking plus mining can be attractive to a large number of local users who want to change their legal tender to cryptocurrencies due to a poor and insecure monetary environment.

To see what you can earn, visit the Staking earnings OKEx, where you can find that the annualized return for tokens like USDT or OKB is quite high (7% -10% or more for simply saving. It is even higher for mining).

OKEx approved the launch of an Ethereum 2.0 staking service as of December 17, 2020. This will allow OKEx users to stack Ether (ETH) with a single click in exchange for BETH (ie Beacon ETH) in a ratio of 1: 1, and receive a competitive and sustainable daily performance. By improving staking liquidity, OKEx achieves a deeper ongoing engagement with the community.

OKEx has long promised its support for Ethereum 2.0, becoming one of the first validators on its Tesnet OKEx Pool. This has been instrumental in the growth of the DeFi movement, realizing many promising projects for its users and creating solutions to promote the development of the space, such as OKEx Oracle, OKEx Earn and OKEx Jumpstart Mining.

Users of OKEx Who want to participate in ETH staking will enjoy multiple advantages. For starters, OKEx will cover all operating expenses of being an Ethereum 2.0 validator and will bear the risk of any penalties from the validator. All on-chain profits will be distributed proportionally based on the number of tokens wagered and the blocking time, with an estimated annual rate of return of between 6% and 20%. Users will also be able to receive additional USDT rewards for participating in the program.

General conclusions:

We will finish the article, confirming that OKEx It is the leading exchange in the crypto world, the “Alpha”, and that, without a doubt, is setting the pace of the others. It is a leader in its sector. It has everything, safe, reliable, complete, with volume, with several investment options … If you are a sophisticated and intelligent trader or investor and want to buy, sell or staking or much more, within the crypto ecosystem there is no better option. Definitely, OKEx is your Exchange.

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