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Are you obsessed with charts and want the most in-depth technical analysis tools available?

TradingView charts are used by tens of thousands of active traders daily. Information is presented in real-time and investors can choose from a variety of the most popular charts. Most of the information is available for free.

The platform can be used by traders all over the world and Stan Bokov’s freemium, community-driven model is one of the most tantalizing offerings in the investing world today.

Keep reading to find out more about the platform in our TradingView review.

What is TradingView?

TradingView charts consist of a web-based charting package and a social media network of traders. Founded by the same people who produced MultiCharts,

TradingView offers everything you would expect from a premium level charting suite. In addition, it has the the portability to operate on mobile devices.

The wider trading community at TradingView is useful for discussing strategies, indicators, and trading ideas.

TradingView Features

Our review of TradingView can’t praise the quality of the charting options enough. Beginners and journeymen investors have everything they need with the free program. It’s the ultimate technical analysis platform for making stock picks.

HTML5 Charts

Create simple HTML5 charts for tracking your preferred stocks. Investors can create dynamic charts tracking whole market sectors. The software also allows you to draw on your charts, which is something rarely offered by other charting software options.

Stock Alerts

Choose from 12 different criteria for stock alerts. All alerts are sent out server-side direct to your computer or mobile device. If a stock price reaches a certain level, you’ll know about it instantly in real-time.

Stock Screener

Looking for inspiration? TradingView’s stock screener allows you to search for stocks based on specific criteria. They give you the option of being as in-depth or as broad as you like when looking for new investments.

Active Trading Community

Investors often like to discuss their ideas with other active traders. The TradingView investing community regularly collaborates and shares ideas on what’s going on with the market.

Whether you need some extra help or want to learn something new, this is an invaluable font of knowledge. Indeed, engaging with the community is a great way to start trading.

TradingView Pricing

Most reviews on TradingView are split on whether it’s worth paying for the premium membership levels. We believe that the majority of investors can make gains with the basic membership level.

If you do opt to pay for premium TradingView services, you can get a discount on your membership by paying for a whole year in advance.

– One chart per layout and one server-side alert with three indicators on one device. Free users can access the community, as well as a variety of global data. The big downside is free users cannot access customer support.

Pro ($9.95-$14.95/month) – The pro account offers ten alerts and five indicators for every chart. An ad-free experience is included. In truth, this package isn’t worth the price.

Pro+ ($19.95-$29.95/month) – Gain access to customer service, four chart layouts, and more alerts. You can also use Renko, Line Break, Figure, and Kagi charts with this package. You also gain the ability to create fully customized charts.

Premium ($39.95-$59.95/month) – The premium plan unlocks all of TradingView’s features. This includes 200 alerts, 25 indicators on every chart, eight charts per layout, and priority access to customer support.

TradingView FAQ

Have questions about TradingView? Here, we answer some of the most common concerns.

Can I Trade on TradingView?

TradingView supports a limited number of brokerages. If you hold an account with a supported broker you can trade with TradingView. Most investors will need to buy and sell with third-party platforms, however.

Is TradingView Market Data Real-Time?

Yes, all data is updated in real-time, so you can get the latest information. There’s no time delay, even for free users.

Does TradingView Support Crypto Investing?

Many investors have grown interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As of 2020, TradingView now supports crypto investors through charts and trading through supported brokers.

Is TradingView Right for You?

In line with other reviews on TradingView, we believe that the platform is an excellent source of data and analysis. With tools to support both newer and experienced investors, TradingView far surpasses its competitors.

However, the value inherent in some of their premium membership levels is questionable. Only a small number of investors will find value for money, particularly in its Pro membership program.

Overall, we consider TradingView charts to be essential for any serious investor.

Check out TradingView, create a free account, and start picking winning stocks.

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