Best Overall: Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is a platform that links you with e-wallet keepers and crypto exchange programs to conduct crypto transactions at any time and anywhere. Besides offering tax breaks, Bitcoin IRA helps you maximize your financial growth in a tax-free space. It also shares insight into how the market behaves, allowing you to take the necessary first step.

To get started, you will need to create an account that allows you to access your dashboard and e-wallet for funding and live pricing. It also provides a wide array of tips through tutorial videos and articles. Next, you can fund your IRA account and wait for 3-5 business days for approval. Finally, you can start self-trade your digital assets through your account.

As you trade through Bitcoin IRA, remember the digital currency space is very unpredictable, so you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient funds, experience in crypto self-trading, and the willingness to bear the risks of a potential loss of your investment. Fortunately, Bitcoin IRA’s dashboard has various educational and price tracking features to guide you along.

Best Value: BlockFi

The best way to enter the crypto trading space or merge conventional finance and cryptos is by investing through a platform that guarantees zero hidden fees or minimum deposits. That’s pretty much the reason BlockFi was born. As one of the most recognized US-based and regulated platforms for crypto-trading, BlockFi can reward you with a compounding interest ranging from 3% and 8.6% on your cryptocurrency investment. However, the interest rate may vary depending on the type of currency you are trading and the market trends.

Gone are the days when only banks and micro-finance institutions were the only places you could borrow from. Now BlockFi can lend you without selling your digital coins for a low interest. That means you do not have to submit your capital gains, saving you from burdensome taxation. Recently, BlockFi became the first platform to launch a Bitcoin reward system through credit cards. Once you earn your first reward, the money will be credited to your account to earn interest immediately.

Best Interface: Coinbase

If you are looking to trade in other crypto coins besides Bitcoin, look no further than Coinbase. The digital coin trading platform was founded in 2012 and is licensed and fully regulated by the US crypto exchange market. When it started, Bitcoin trading was the only activity that the platform authorized. As the demand for other currencies keeps rising, Coinbase welcomes Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many others, provided the users adhere to the terms and conditions for self-trading. Now, with Coinbase, you can earn up to $29 worth of Crypto.

The tricks to using Coinbase’s dashboard are simple. It starts with creating an account and funding it using your mobile or desktop version. The dashboard has a wide array of features that allow you to build your portfolio. You can buy or sell crypto coins and monitor their performance in one place. The recurring daily, weekly, and monthly buys feature guides you on investing in cryptocurrency gradually over time. Finally, the vault protection feature provides high-grade security for your personal and financial details.

Best Security:, a digital asset exchange platform, invites you to a storeroom filled with various products and services, from an easy-to-use interface supported by an app to great referral program initiatives. Whether you want state-of-the-art security or quality-assuring e-wallet solutions, will have you covered. Unlike Coinbase, joining is way cheaper. Self-trading is not the only thing you can expect from its exchange program either. Rather, you can earn rewards for referring a friend to the platform and interest and deposits.

When you make credit card purchases on, you earn as much as 0.45 maker fees plus 2.99%. The platform is home to around 137 currencies, making it one of the popular choices for beginners and veteran crypto enthusiasts. Setting up an account with involves a two-step verification process that is instant and guarantees security against third-party theft and cold storage. Once you join, get ready to purchase, sell, gain, withdraw, and exchange e-wallets with other custodians on the platform.

Best Exchange Solutions: Kraken

Following the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, crypto exchange programs set the scene to accommodate the growing need for cryptocurrency trading. One such exchange program that followed suit two years after Bitcoin’s launch is Kraken. While many years of service is not always synonymous with quality, Kraken continues to offer fiat currency solutions for newbies and advanced crypto-exchange enthusiasts. Today, users can access up to 20 currencies using five fiat currencies like USD, CAD, Japanese Yen, Euro, and Great British pounds.

Unlike other exchange programs, Kraken offers advanced services such as OTC trading, dark pool, futures trading and margin trading. While newcomers may find navigating their way around these services daunting, they can still check out the dashboard for tips. Following its predecessor’s (Mt.Gox) security threat, Kraken relies on proof of reserves audit to protect its users from fraud and other forms of malpractices. That means a user’s details and financial information will be stored offline in cold wallets.

With headquarters in San Francisco, Kraken maintains transparency by keeping its investors public, making it one of the cryptocurrency market’s most secure and trustworthy exchange platforms.

Are You Ready to Invest and Trade Through an Exchange Platform?

Now that you have decided to invest in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies through an exchange program, knowing the benefits and risks of choosing any of the five options can make or break your self-trading experience.

Joining some programs may attract hidden charges, but the rewards are worth your investment. On the other hand, others do not impose any registration or retainer fees, but they still have a lot to offer regarding rewards and other perks. Before narrowing down your choice, ensure you read the terms and conditions. Only the dedicated, disciplined, and sufficient capital for investment can survive the test of time since the crypto market is so volatile.

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